About Troverie Backdrop

We are Troverie

We are watch industry veterans elevating the experience of finding the perfect timepiece online.

We are officially partnering with the best luxury watch brands and the best watch retailers nationwide.

We are as exacting about case size and chronographs as we are about client care and convenience.

Troverie Mark

Here’s How We’re Different

1. Always Authorized

The online world of Swiss watches is full of unauthorized retailers, meaning these sites are not sanctioned by the brands they carry, and they cannot guarantee authenticity or provide the invaluable manufacturer’s warranty that protects your watch purchase.

We have partnered with every fine watch brand we carry to gain 100% authorization, and that will never change. We will never sell a watch on Troverie that the brands themselves haven’t certified us to sell.

2. Carefully Curated

The portfolio of brands and selection of watches on Troverie is thoughtfully edited. These are the top styles from our array of brands, the pieces we ourselves would buy. Our journal, Trovist, and our on-call client care are both available to further guide you towards the perfect timepiece as you delve deeper into the world of watches.

3. On Your Terms

We’re pioneering a new way to discover fine watches. We are committed to giving our clients the benefits of a multi-channel shopping experience that combines the speed and convenience of online shopping with the attentive service and expert guidance of independent jewelers.

When you make a purchase through Troverie, you often have the option to pick it up at a local jeweler, where our Ambassador will expertly size your watch and educate you on proper operation and care. If you choose to have your purchase shipped, your watch will be meticulously prepared and carefully packed, with our client care team on call for any questions. Even in the digital era, there’s no replacement for connecting with an expert over your new timepiece.